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From waste to raw materials

Did you know that alone in europe raw materials worth more than five million euros are thrown away every year? These raw materials are disposed of as waste, without beeing aware that it could create added value - not only for companies, but also for our environment.

Therefore - and because resources are becoming increasingly scacre - we have set ourselves the goal of taking a new path in waste management. In the future, waste should be seen primarily as potential raw material.

In our opinion every manufacturer has to ask himself during production how or whether the product can be recycled. Our understanding of recycling is, that you can manufacture a new can from a used can. All other processes are not recycling, but the supply of the secondary raw material as an energy source into the economic cycle.

Flux Compensator

Organic waste is a good example of this. Organic waste is inevitable in the modern world. The raw material can be used for the production of energy.

Biogas can be produced from the organic waste by converting it. This serves as a source of electricity, heat generation or can also be fed into the gas grid after processing the biomethane.

Even plastic waste, such as packaging, can be used to generate energy through combustion. The energy recovery of plastics is still better than landfilling in nature. In the rarest cases plastic can be recycled.

We want to raise an arwareness that through sustainable resource optimization, all residual materials can be reintroduced into the raw material cycle. In this way we not only create added value for your company but also for our environment.

The landfilling of waste in nature is out of question for us. It has a high land consumption and can also lead to air, water and soil contamination.

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