What are the value added services throughout all raw material process steps that Renkaede offers?


01 - Collection and Processing

We have extensive know-how and expertise to enable you an optimal processing of your secondary raw materials. Whether it is the changeover from container systems to big bags, the best possible raw material separation, including the construction or the provision of a suitable machinery to ensure volume reduction and varietal purity - we find the most efficient solution! The aim of this sustainable concept is to prepare your secondary raw materials as best as possible right at the production place for the efficient repatriation to the raw material cycle. We enable you a significant profit increase, by implementing an action plan directly at your production plant. On one side, you get a cost reduction through eliminating non-efficient, cost intensive value creation stages. On the other side, you get a financial added value as a result of an opimal processing of your secondary raw materials. Upon request, we will invest into appropriate processing machinery, whereby the amortization term will be defined by the additional profit.

02 - Raw Material Extraction

As soon as we optimized your processing area, your secondary raw material will be delivered to an appropriate recycling company, where the raw materials will be extracted. Normally the extracted material will be market here within direct sales contracts. We at Renkaede are constantly in control of further process steps and deliver the primary material to tolling companies.

03 - Tolling

The primary material will be tolled for the further production of your pre-material. As a result of the maximum resourcing, you benefit from a risk mitigation in your material management since no price losses between the purchase price of your raw material and the sales price of your secondary raw materials are now possible. Furthermore you generate planning security, since you will not have any impact on your resource availability.

04 - Material Supply

Due to our excellent global contacts to recycling and tolling companies, we get best prices on each value creation stages – This price advantage we pass directly to you! The tolled products will be timely provided to your production plant, whereby the return transport will be used to collect your secondary raw materials. In addition to the financial added value, we also achieve an efficiency improvement regarding the logistical handling while conserving infrastructure resources.

Explanation of the Process Example

This is how Renkaede takes an example process into the last step.

You produce structural components made of aluminum for tier-1 OEM’s for the automotive industry and require hot-rolled products as pre-materials, which are stamped and formed during hydroforming process.

The collection and processing of your sheet metal scrap will be optimized directly at your production plant, by investing into appropriate scrap baling machinery, which processes the sorted scrap into packages. The packages can now easily be loaded up to the truck and delivered to the remelting furnace.

Arrived and uploaded at the remelting furnace, raw material will be extracted by remelting the scraps and adding low percentage of primary aluminium, in order to cast the extracted aluminium into “slabs”.

Renkaede supplies these to its partners for tolling, where slabs are tolled to hot-rolled products, before these will be provided again as your pre-material.
The return journey is again used to deliver your sorted and processed scraps to the corresponding remelting furnace.


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