What is Renkaede's unique business model called Intelligent Resourcing?

Renkaede's Business Model


  • Collection & Processing
  • Raw Material Extraction
  • Tolling
  • Material Supply

The recycling process of any secondary raw material should not be considered as a process chain, but as a closed raw material cycle: from collection and processing, contract sales to a recycling plant and the raw material extraction there, the value creation stages from the production of primary material to the end product and the final repatriation of the secondary raw material to the raw material cycle.

Renkaede influences the entire raw material process, which combines recycling activities with the procurement by the usage of tolling processes, so that you can entirely focus on your end production process.

In this way, we ensure control at every value stage throughout the raw material cycle and create a unique business model according to principles of sustainable supply chain and lean management.