Armee-Soldaten in der Parade


Renkaede AG has been a recycling specialist in raw material trading since 1997. Our intention is to return the waste as a reusable raw material for the production of tomorrow.

We refer here to our basic idea of the pure chain. The resources should be reused as a product, starting with the primary raw material via the secondary raw material.

In the course of this basic idea, Renkaede has developed special recycling systems for public institutions such as the military. We offer complete solutions for the following wastes:

  • metals

  • food

  • chemicals

  • oils

  • waste

  • special handling waste

Our range of systematic total solutions for resources is individually adapted to your system.

We are unique in the industry because we not only create a concept, but also implement this concept through our team. We also offer on-site training to ensure smoothe processing.

We work on performance-based payment. That is why we are continuously optimizing and improving our system solutions for your production company.

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