What is Renkaede's philosophy?

Generating an added value – This is Renkaede's promise to our stakeholders.

As an internationally operating company, Renkaede's corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our philosophy. Your trust and our responsibility go hand in hand. That’s why we are dedicated to earn this trust through responsible stewardship of our most valuable resources.

We believe, that sustainable environmental protection goes far beyond meeting legal compliance requirements. In a time of climate change and increasingly scarce resources, we strive to achieve maximum resource efficiency. Every company has to realize that resource efficiency cannot be fully achieved through focusing on internal process optimizations concerning value creation stages of the end product. Rather, resource efficiency requires an entirely consideration regarding a closed-loop value chain, including environmentally repatriation of secondary raw materials.

Renkaede's main objective is to "think outside the box".

Therefore, we do not only focus on the efficiency of raw materials to be used, but also on infrastructural resources, regarding lean logistical processes.



In the course of increasingly complex and non-transparent supply chains, we strive to reduce complexity through transparent and comprehensible business processes. Transparency creates trust, which is essential for a partnership with the objective of an optimal use of resources.


Fluctuations in demand and rapidly changing customer requirements involve effective and efficient raw material procurement in order to react quickly to the changed requirements. Our business model "Intelligent Resourcing" represents a new, unique concept for covering the entire external raw material cycle. We aim to continually develop our business processes by using innovative technologies, processes and products.


We have recognized that maximum resource efficiency can be achieved in a wide range of industries. Through our long-term business relations based on partnership, we are already part of several global external supply chains. We intend to open up new business areas by taking into account a permanent sector-specific market observation and analysis.