Renkaede's Timeline


How we started

We were founded in 1997 as „Alutrade“; we initially focused on the physical marketing of customer specific drawing profiles concerning different sectors for small and medium-sized enterprises. We rapidly mentioned, that there is a huge demand of a variety of aluminum profiles in accordance with different requirements. As a result we started to offer an added value to our customers by offering surface treatment and processing.

In 2004 we expanded our product portfolio with standard profiles for serial production as drop shipments. This was one important milestone to start the distribution of high volumes to a wider customer base.

One year later, in 2005, we completed the aluminum product portfolio by offering flat products, to entirely meet the demand of aluminum products.

Since now, we are a professional provider of aluminum products, which offers an optimal alternative to aluminum production plants.


Diversifying through the aluminum value chain

In 2006 we started to provide primary aluminum products to our suppliers, what encouraged us to think big and focus on global trading activities.

With the primary objective to offer a one stop solution to our global customer base, we expanded into secondary raw material industries in 2008. Therefore, we were able to offer services along the entire life cycle of aluminum.

Nevertheless, business activities have been limited to trading, supply management and lean management with focus on recycling processes, whereby we covered the direct supply chain in direct sales from supplier to customer.

Now, since we have the expertise along the entire raw material cycle of aluminum, all business processes are now able to network with each other as well as offer raw material services to the entire external supply chain.


Becoming a resource company of a variety of industries

Following the successful testing of this "Intelligent Resourcing" approach, we have decided to extend aluminum activities to the metal sector and to expand it into other sectors such as energy, chemicals and agriculture, in accordance with the principle of corporate social responsibility. The new business model requires a new name, "Renkaede", which means "pure supply chain".

Renkaede is a family owned corporation; 100 % of the shares are held by the company owner.