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Renkaede AG implements optimizations as a recycling specialist from the perspective of a raw material company worldwide. We support companys and institutions from the private and public sectors in their most important changes - in partnership and close cooperations. 


The company was founded in 1997 in the Principality of Liechtenstein and operates globally as a recycling specialist. The company name "Renkaede" derives from the danish and means "pure chain". The name refers to the maximum use of resources in the entire supply chain.


We believe that sutainable environmental protection goes far beyond compliance requirements. In an age of climate change and increasingly limited resources, we strive for maximum resources efficiency.

Your trust and our responsibility go hand in hand. That is why we ar committed to earning this trust through responsible raw material management.

Renkaede AG has set itself the goal of introducing all residual materials back into the raw material cycle through sustainable optimisation. According to the basic idea of the pure chain, our intention is to return the resources as reusable raw materials for the production of tomorrow.

We worke exclusively on performance-based payment. That is why we are continuously optimizing and improving our system solutions for you.

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